Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Penny Pafka

This is my dog Penny. Penny's a piece of work. Penny reminds me of myself in many ways. She's funny, sometimes smart, and gets in her own way.
I found Penny on a rainy New Year's Day in a torn down, abandoned ghetto, called Father Panic Village in Bridgeport Ct.
Penny was going to be put to sleep. She was the runt of the litter and bizarre looking. Her owner was even more bizarre looking.
His name was "Ray" and he had 3 teeth, lived on a 3rd floor of an abandoned house and had a confederate flag hanging out his window.
Penny has a few problems. Actually she has a few
"social issues". For example. A friend of mine stopped by the house with her dog Max, a 12 year old pit bull. Now I have another dog named Woody who is quiet and gentle and gets along with all dogs. Not Penny. Max walked into the house very calmly and just stood there. Woody went over to him, sniffed his rear, and walked away. Penny stood by me, growling under her tongue, and somewhat mumbling to herself. As Max walked away, Penny ran over to him, bit him in the ass, and ran back behind me and shook. Yeh, good play Penny. Bite the ass of a dog that has jaws of death and hide behind me. Love this dog.



Blogger jennifer said...

Perfect! I am so proud...of course, we didn't hear about Penny at the workshop...but hey, dogs are very welcome!!

Go girl go!!

12:43 AM  
Blogger Carrie Wilson Link said...

I want to hear more about Penny and her social problems, and how she and you are alike. MORE! I WANT MORE!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Go Mama said...

Love "piece of work" Penny!
Hope she returns...

1:37 AM  
Blogger Learning Lollipops said...

Nice picture of Penny; body language is happy and so full of energy!
I have a little Indian boy named Jaedon in my preschool. He always refers to his dog as his brother; Indians have no name for "animal." All animals are either "brothers" or "sisters" and they have lessons to teach us! Isn't that unique!

Lead on Penny, lead on!

I salute you Ms. Identity Crisis,
You are writing! read all your "blogs" and thought, "You Go Girl!"

4:08 PM  

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