Friday, June 30, 2006

Where’s St. Francis of Assisi when you need him???????

What I fantasized life would be like with my dogs……..
Walking me with off leash
Obeying hand signals
Coming when I call
Getting along with all people and all dogs
Quietly by my side at all times.

The dogs I CHOSE (or deserved).
I LOVE each and every one of these dogs…so very different from each other.
Tony the German Sheperd
Reject from a guide dog foundation- “too tall”
Learned how to open the refrigerator so the fridge had to be bungi-corded

Libby the abused half terrier and half husky, one blue eye, one brown eye.
Was so abused, every time someone came to visit, she would squat and pee, usually on their shoes, if they made eye contact with her,
For some strange reason, she would eat wooden doors up to the door knob.
Using my bathroom was interesting for a while.

Ate an entire sofa- minus the metal frame
Takes pots and pans off the stove without spilling a thing. (Amazing)

Brings possums and skunks into the house.
When people come to visit, she jumps up and bites MY hand.

Abby the Cat (short for Abnormal)
My friend who gave me Woody and Penny gave me this pregnant
Didn’t know it at the time- at least I didn.t.
Had kittens in my house.
Libby the dog got too close to one of the kittens- I tried to separate
Libby the dog from Abby, mother of the kittens.
Abby grabbed my finger, bit THROUGH it.
I couldn’t get her little jaws to unclench my finger.
I was like a cartoon character swinging Abby around and around over my
head trying to get her loose.
Many bloodstains on the wall later, I had to be taken to the emergency
room. Not for a cat scan either……..
Anyone want a cat?


Blogger jennifer said...

I am absolutely stunned with the output on this blog. Thank you so much for writing Suzy! Keep going and trust that we will keep up!

1:24 AM  
Blogger Go Mama said...

What a wild animal cotillion ya got there.

Now if you can get Tony and Woody to work together, they could open the fridge, cook a meal and deliver it to you with a cold beverage. Good doggies.

7:44 PM  

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