Thursday, August 24, 2006

Deep Pockets

The third day I had Penny, I decided to show her off to my friend Joany (the victim of the bureau incident-see “Cleanliness is next to Godliness (and I'm screwed)” post).

Penny was 7 weeks old and weighed about 4 pounds. Her eyes were crossed, and her head was bigger than her body. She was a little strange looking, but she was adorable to me. She was going to be put to sleep, because she was the runt of the litter and her owner thought something might be wrong with her. I couldn’t help myself- the owner sounded like my mother and this poor dog needed to be saved.

Joany was a dog lover also, and I knew Penny would win Joany’s heart as she did mine.

Joany got in my car and was sporting a brand new navy pea coat. Mistake # 2- Mistake # 1 was getting in my car in the first place. Mistake # 2 was wearing anything black or dark in my car. Dog hair abounded. But I had assured Joany that Penny didn’t shed. I may have lied.

As we drove around, Penny sat on the console between the 2 front seats. God, what a dog! I finally had a dog that would behave in the car! Could this be? I had the kind of dogs that loved cars, but would bark and whine and jump, and make the car rock as if the car were being tipped over by rioters. They bark at absolutely nothing and everything.

As we continued our drive, Joany was just thrilled to have this quiet little dog next to her who just loved to ride. At one point, Penny, being tired from her adventure, lay down on the console and lovingly put her head in Joany’s pocket of her brand new pea coat and seemed to be sleeping. Sweet sweet Penny, what a find!

God had finally sent me the dog I deserved. I was in love.

Joany and I looked at each other and smiled, neither one of us wanting to talk and interrupt this moment in time.

Until……a few minutes later, Joany turns to me and says in a very low voice, “Suzy, get this fu&*%ng dog away from me.”
Penny had not been sleeping.
She had been puking in Joany’s coat pocket.


Blogger Carrie Wilson Link said...


10:01 PM  
Blogger Go Mama said...

Hey, at least it was contained.

Once, while on a road trip across country stopping overnight at a motel, I had a little cat that could knock over a wastebasket, pull the plastic lining out, and shit on that, so as not to make too much of a mess.

Nice work, Penny.

12:55 AM  
Blogger serenity said...

What can one possibly say. Too funny, and so real. Surely we can all relate on some level with a similar animal tale. In fact, this story just reminded me of a certain cat I may have to write about some day ;) And that picture is just too cute!!

1:41 AM  
Blogger jennifer said...

Keep up the great posting, you are prolific and your craft is really evolving!!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous ender said...


i can SO see this!!!

i'm still laughing.

what a sweet li'l baby.

3:04 PM  

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