Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My top 10 myths I was taught by the Catholic Church

1. Only Catholics can be saved, only Catholics will go to Heaven and everyone else will go to hell. "Extra ecclesiam, nulla salus," -- outside the Church, nothing is saved

2. Biting down on the host at Holy Communion will make the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ come pouring out your mouth.

3. Chewing gum was immoral, only “prostitutes” chewed gum

4. Any wish you desire will be granted if you stand completely still while the Passion of Our Lord is read during Palm Sunday Mass.

5. If your infant has not been baptized by the Church, he or she could face hell. If your child has been baptized, then there is hope!

6. If you die with a *mortal sin on your soul, you will go straight to Hell.

*Mortal Sin
e.g., murder, missing Mass on Sunday, sex before marriage, birth control,any type and homosexuality

7. Praying the rosary out loud each night with your entire family will create a bond will draw your family closer forever.

8. If you get your throat blessed on February 3rd, the feast of St Blaise, you will never choke on a fish bone.

9. The Catholic religion rejects abortion, euthanasia, and embryo stem cell research. All life is precious - from the moment of conception to the moment God calls each one of us to Him. The Catholic religion also rejects homosexual activity. This is a grave sin.

10. The Church’s teaching on the ordination of only men is because Jesus was a man, the apostles Jesus chose were men, and the Church believes that Jesus intended His church to be led by only men.


Blogger Carrie Wilson Link said...

The fish bone one is my personal favorite.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Reverse Stalker said...

Okay, let's work with #4...

any wish you desire will be granted...

1. that I can chew gum?
2. that I can make out in the back of the church during mass?
3. have sex before marriage?
4. be a woman and become a preist who gives mass in latin, with my back to the crowd!!

Love this and hate it all at the same time!

xo you!

1:07 AM  
Blogger jennifer said...

Suzy, you just keep getting better and better...love this!

1:08 AM  
Anonymous ender said...

hrm ... i was always yelled at for sticking the host to the roof of my mouth and then spending the rest of mass peeling it off. never heard the biting it would make it bleed.

i did hear about the little boy who supposedly wanted to see what would happen if he didn't take the host for really - supposedly he flushed it to get rid of the evidence ... and the toliet water turned to blood.

ewwwww ... the stories we get told!

another wonderful post!

6:44 PM  

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