Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gunning for trouble

After my mother systematically went through 3 men via her insanity- married to 2-both dying, one of syphilis, the other from just plain neglect of his health, and not married to one (my father) by telling him I wasn’t his child, you think she might have just been a little more careful about getting involved again.
But this time was different. She had worked her way up to Manager of the White Tower. She was respected in the White Tower chain as a trusted and loyal employee, forsaking family for the good of the company. She was an icon, a legend. If they only knew the truth. Actually, it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Mr. Breman was a big shot at the home office of White Tower in Stamford CT. He was charming, good looking, younger and very kind to my brother and me often stopping by the house and bringing us presents. He was married a couple of times and he and my mother would commiserate over the failure of their spouses to live up to their marriage vows.
We knew Mr. Breman adored my mother and vice versa. But this ended one day with the announcement of his upcoming 3rd marriage to a beautiful waitress he met at the White Tower. Once again my mother’s dreams crashed. Not only was this woman younger and better looking, but she was a mere waitress, not a “white collar” worker that my mother had become. How could he love someone who wasn’t in management? She consoled herself with the fact that Mr. Breman’s intended was pregnant and they had to get married, shotgun wedding as my mother called it.
My mother took it as well as she did anything else. She refused to talk to Mr. Breman about anything but White Tower business and she refused to let us ever see him again.
A woman scorned one more time.

One day, while reading the paper, I heard my mother yell out. I walked into the kitchen and was handed the startling newspaper article. It read:

Carl Breman Arrested in Deadly Shooting of Wife
The sad story told of an “accidental shooting” which had occurred at the house of Mr. & Mrs. Breman. It seems Mr. Breman had come down to breakfast with his wife and new 2 month old baby girl. Mrs. Breman at this time informed Mr. Breman that the baby which was lying on the bassinet was indeed not his. It belonged to another man.
At this point, according to Mr. Breman, he was so distraught, he went upstairs to find his antique gun, brought it downstairs and told Mrs. Breman he wanted to take his life, because he couldn’t stand the pain.

BUT the gun fell, went off, and shot Mrs. Breman right between the eyes.

Fast forward six years. Mr. Breman is placed in a half way house in New Haven 8 blocks from the White Tower. It seems he only had to serve 6 years for this heinous crime. No political maneuvering here from the honchos at White Tower.
Mr. Breman was allowed to “reenter” society and work at White Tower on a part time basis.

During his incarceration, Mr. Bremen had “hair plugs” installed in a testing program for inmates and hair loss. He had taken several more college courses to educate himself and had become closer to God.

He also became closer to my mother at this time. Jokes were passed between my brother and myself using the oh so obvious code name “Six Gun Carl,” “Hop Along Carl,” “Pecos Carl.” and my personal favorite, Wild Carl Hickock”. Yes the hits just kept on comin’. We were sure she would take the big leap and marry this lone gun slinger.

Not only did she believe this "story" of accidentially shooting his wife between her eyes, it amazed me that she would even consider this madman living in our house.

But, once again the fates would be unkind to Mary Martino. Seems Mr. Breman had met another waitress in yet another town and rode off into the sunset without Mary once again.


Blogger Carrie Wilson Link said...

That Mary, she really knows how to pick 'em!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Jerri said...

How many strange folks can live in one town?

Your life really takes the cake, Suzy.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Go Mama said...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary...
In this case, him leaving town was probably a good thing! (For ALL your sakes.)

7:37 PM  
Blogger serenity said...

Wow. Killing his wife wasn't enough to kill your mother's dreams of this man, huh?

Once again, your storytelling shines through with the painful subject matter you are exploring. Your characters are so alive and just pop out from the screen.

Peace to you, Suzy. You are an amazing writer, and an even more amazing woman.

12:56 AM  
Blogger jennifer said...

Suzy: I never cease to be amazed by your skills as a story teller! Great work.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Lee Wolfe Blum said...

That was really funny! Shotgun Carl. Shotgun wedding. I many strange folks can live in one town!

8:54 AM  

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